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DOUBLEFACE brings visual productions in which an environment is involved in the search and/or work process. Whether it is a quasi-deserted or an overcrowded place, a real or virtual environment, it are the experiences or involvment of the user that allow us to grasp its individuality. For example, the work process can involve the projection of dreams, desires, fantasies on a place, can handle about dealing with nature in places where nature is almost absent, or it can investigate the experience of  beauty in locations with a lot of social tension.

The studio is indispensable in this work process: silence creates a specific atmosphere where the work can take its final form. Here the flow of impressoons and raw material the work process produced, is modeled in an artistic form. It is the place, the environment where the purification takes place.'


Below you will find a selection from the digital catalog

summer hour


the towers of pandora: overview
dangerously young


girl's dreams
catalog of gestures
lunar sheep
the rasterized land

the muse

the chimney
december snails creep/21-9
contemporary heroes 

streets of style

the spectator
glimpses compass trees
disappeared city scapes


wall paper
thrown in the lap
protective animals
who decides

children's game

still life

to joost zwagerman

blue:searching/ red:the towers of pandora / violet: game/  green: nature/culture/ yellow:graphic package / brown:commisioned