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The leitmotif, the mythological animal, takes us to the contemporary quest to colonize space and the role  animals play in it. Animals are not only important in art and mythology but also in technology and science: fantastic beasts always played a major role in mythology. From that perspective, we focus our attention on space and possible solutions for overpopulation. Concretely, we are inspired by genetics, think of the cloned Dolly but equally by the rich mythology, ranging from the sacrificial lamb to the ram with the golden fleece. Does not the reality of science occasionally follow the trail of a fantastic piece of mythology? That is the question that plays in the background. Through a design package that is based on this approach we come step by step to a design, supported a graphic form that can be used for printing on textiles. The designs and prints are included in the exhibition.

Series of workshops in the context of 'THE TOWERS OF PANDORA'
Concept: Bernadette Vandecatsije, design package: Ciska de Ruyver