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Viper's bugloss, purge,
hedgehog's head, lion tooth,
goat's beard, cat's tail,
pig's wort, marvel -of-Peru,

milkweed, goldenrod,
nightshade, periwinkle,
hellebore, passionflower,
watering heart,

flame flower, forget-me-not, eyebright, rough bell,         Suzanna -with-the-beautiful-eyes,

belladonna, heavenly spade,     moon cup, sunflower,
primrose, witchweed,
stinking celandine, pimpernel,
bastard weed, tormentosa rose,
tooth seed, comfrey, saxifrage

knights' spore, bald squirrel,    wound clover, bull thistle,
nodding fescue, stink nettle,
judas medal, rattle

( names of flowers in 'a living flower carpet for ' the towers of Pandora ')